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National Open University of Nigeria tma

National Open University of Nigeria is one of its kind despite the fact that there are many good universities in Nigeria. National Open University of Nigeria abbreviated as NOUN is a Federal Open and Distance Learning (ODL) establishment, the first of its kind in the West African sub-area. It is Nigeria’s biggest tertiary organization as far as student number and quality of education is concern.

The National Open University was at first settled on 22 July 1983 as springboard for open and separation learning in Nigeria. It was suspended by the legislature on 25 April 1984. Be that as it may, its revival was started on the twelfth of April 2001 by the previous President of Nigeria, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo. At take off of the college, pioneer student enlistment remained at 32,400. More information on the online portal
National Open University of Nigeria

In 2011, NOUN had around 57,759 students. The Vice Chancellor is Prof. Vincent Tenebe . National Open University of Nigeria tma works from its Administrative Headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos, with Study Centers all through the country.[5] It offers more than 50 programs and 750 courses.

National Open University of Nigeria tma does not give lectures to her student  in ordinary classrooms with the exception of some specific study centers, essentially because of imperatives known to the University alone and the difficulties typically confronted by a creating tertiary establishment. The school has series of courseware which includes this and many other. noun courseware for school of managementThe investigation focus in Lagos for example gives addresses to all its Law students and supplies vital course materials to all understudies after the installment of educational cost charges. All courses offered have been authorize by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Youtube video to readiness of NOUN.

The Registrar fills in as the Secretary to Council and Senate bodies. The Registry Department’s essential duty is to offer help benefits in the General Administration of the University with accentuation on Council undertakings, Senate matters, enlistment of Staff, Students’ affirmation/welfare, Staff welfare and other related exercises. The registrar is in person  Mrs. Josephine Olasumbo Akinyemi.

A different scope of understudies from all kinds of different backgrounds are pulled into the school simply like other unmistakable Open Universities, for example, the Open University of United Kingdom (OU); for most courses there are no stringent section necessities other than the capacity to learn at a fitting level, for example, the West African Examination, and other National Diplomas to meet all requirements for a Direct passage confirmation. In spite of the fact that most postgraduate courses require proof of past examination and additionally proportionate educational experience. The school admission list can be checked using this link

National Open University of Nigeria tma courses are available below:

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National Open University of Nigeria


i. Undergraduate Degree Programmes Programme Code
a) B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies 2201
b) B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2202
c) B.Sc. Mass Communication 2204
d) B.A. English 2205
e) B.A French and International Relations 2206
f) B.A Christian Theology 2207
g) B.A Islamic Studies 2208
h) B.Sc. Political Science 2211
i) B.Sc. Economics 2212

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes


National Open University of Nigeria Tma

a) Criminology and Security Studies 2301
b) Journalism and Mass Communication 2302
c) Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2303
d) Christian Theology 2305

Masters Degree Programmes

National Open University of Nigeria Tma

a) Sc. Mass Communication 2401
a) Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2402


Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) 4301
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDE) 4302

iii.      Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Programmes

a) Educational Administration and Planning 4401
b) Educational Administration and Planning Science Education 4402
c) Educational Technology 4403


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes (By Research)

English (Language/ Literature)    2505



Undergraduate Programme Programme Code
a) B. Agric. Agricultural Economics and Agro Business 4203
b) B. Agric. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 4204
c) B. Agric. Animal Science 4205
d) B. Agric. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 4206
e) B. Agric. Soil and Land Resources Management 7205
h) B. Agric. Crop Production and protection Sciences 7206


Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Programme

PGD Agricultural Extension and Management      5301/7301

Science Education

a) B.Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Science 4201
b) B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology 4202
c) B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry 4203
d) B.Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science 4204
e) B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science 4205
f) B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics 4206
g) B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics 4207
h) B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education 4212


Master of Science Business Administration

a) Master of Science Business Administration 3416


Arts & Humanities Education

S/N Undergraduate Degree Programmes Programme Code
a) B.A (Ed.) Early Childhood Education 4208
b) B.A (Ed.) English 4209
c) B.A (Ed.) French 4210
d) B.A (Ed.) Primary Education 2411


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme (By Course Work and Research)

Programmes Programme Codes
a) Educational Administration 4501
b) Educational Planning 4502
c) Educational Technology 4503



Undergraduate Programmes Programme Code
B.Sc. Computer Science 5202
B.Sc. Communication Technology 5203
B.Sc. Data Management 5204
B.Sc. Environmental Science & Resource Management 5205
B.Sc. Mathematics 5208


B.Sc. Mathematics/Computer 5209
B.Sc. Chemistry 5212
B.Sc. Biology 5213
B.Sc. Physics 5214
B.Sc. Financial Mathematics 5215


Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Digital Communications 5302
b) Mobile Communications Technology (Wireless) 5304
c) Information Technology 5305


Masters Degree Programme

a) Information Technology (with Internet Options) 5401



Undergraduate Programme Programme Codes
a) B.Sc. Community Health 5211/8201
b) B.Sc. Dental Technology 8202
c) B.Sc. Environmental Health 8203
d) Mathematics Education 4504
e) Science Education 4505


Postgraduate Diploma Programme

a) PGD HIV/AIDS Education and Management 5303/8301



i) Undergraduate programme Programme Code
a) LLB (Law) Degree programme 6201


NOUN Postgraduate Diploma Programme

a) Legislative Drafting 6301



i Undergraduate Programme Programme Code
b) B.Sc. Cooperatives Management 3201
c) B.Sc. Entrepreneurship 3204
d) B.Sc. Accounting (in Collaboration with ICAN) 3205
e) B.Sc. Hospitality Management 3206


Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Financial Management 3309
b) Public Administration 3311
c) Business Administration 3313


NOUN Management Science Masters Degree Programmes

a) Master of Public Administration (MPA) 3411
b) Master of Business Administration (MBA) 3413
c) Master of Science Public Sector Management 3414
d) Master of Science Public Administration 3415



Certificate Programmes

i. Proficiency Certificate Programmes
  1. Programme Code


a) Call Centre Skills 0004
b) Mobile Phone Repair 0005


University (Academic) Certificate Programmes

a) Computer Literacy 1004
b) Dental Office Practice 1017
c) Arabic and Islamic Studies 1022
d) Christian Theology 1023
e) French 1024
f) Hotel and Catering Management 1025

Diploma Programmes

a) Business Communication 1201
b) Entrepreneurship 1205
c) Financial Management 1206
d) Marketing 1207
e) Medical Office Practice 1208
f) Arabic and Islamic Studies 1218


National Open University of Nigeria Tma

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